VINASC: SEO advertising services

In the age of digital technology, the speed of information needs to be fast and accurate. Enterprises need to effectively promote and advertise their products.

With this situation, Vinasc conducts statistics and research on many companies, including Vinasc’s customers, and the results show that:

– Manual advertising is no longer effective and costs a lot of money.

– The current trend is to apply and make full use of information technology and digital technology for sales, which has better results than manual.

So how to use technology to advertise products?

Currently there are many channels like Facebook, Youtube, google adw, google SEO etc. However, an enterprise cannot carry out multiple channels at the same time because of the high cost and large administration personnel.

The statistical results show that most of the time when consumers have a need for a service or buy a product, they often use Google with 2 contents:

1. Searching for product information, how it works etc. This information is well supported by “professor” Google.

2. Find out which company, which supplier has a good reputation and can provide the product or service they need.

According to our statistical results, more than 95% of users only click on the websites displayed on the first page (page 1) of the Google’s search results.

Therefore, in order for customers can search for company information, the company’s information needs to be displayed on the first page of Google’s search results.

In order to attract customers, building customer confidence in products, increase revenue and promote the company’s development, the company must do 03 important things as follows:

1. Create quality products and services to meet customers’ needs;

2. The company must have the best customer service team;

3. The company must have an effective sales channel to promote product and brand.

If the company has difficulty in doing the third thing, then contact our SEO advertising service. We will have solutions for customers can find out the company’s information and products on Google search results.

In addition, we can provide a faster way to get results immediately. That is to rent a website to sell products and provide services.

At Vinascreal, your company will be able to get the support services needed for business operations in a timely manner, such as:

– Establish a company, change the company’s legal documents, investment consulting services

– Auditing services

Accounting and tax consulting services

– Website design services

– Logistics services, other services

– Office, virtual offices, shared offices rental services

If you need office rental services, please contact us;