VINASC: Foreign investment consulting services

Investment consultingInvestment consulting services of Vinasc mainly focus on consulting procedures and policies related to foreign investment activities in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, when foreign investors want to implement investment procedures (direct investment, portfolio investment) they have to implement and comply with many requirements and sometimes they might found it difficulties and barriers.

Depending on the investment field, the investor must follow different procedures. There are some difficulties that may be encountered:

– The approval process delayed;

– Forms change frequently and inconsistencies between agencies;

– Understand information about: Business area, planning field of investment;

– Understand information about: incentives and incentive policies for different business line and location;

– Understand information about: licensing conditions for investors from different countries;

– International agreements, WTO, bilateral agreements etc.

Due to the above difficulties, foreign investors should use Vinasc’s consulting services

Vinasc’s investment consulting content includes the following issues:

– Consulting related to business lines, business field;

– Consulting related to capital and capital structure;

– Consulting related to tax incentives, other incentives for foreign investors;

– Consulting related to areas eligible for incentives, incentive policies for each locality;

– Consulting related to prepare foreign documents and records for use in Vietnam;

– Consulting related to capital use and foreign loans capital.

Investment consultingOther procedures in the investment consulting package that Vinasc can carry out:

– Procedures for investment license for enterprises with 100% foreign direct investment;

– Procedures for investment license with indirect foreign elements at the request of investors;

– Procedures for adjusting investment license: change of capital, change of members etc.

– Procedures for setting up branches and offices of foreign companies in Vietnam.

In addition, some enterprises need to carry out other procedures, like:

– Fire safety certificate;

– Food safety certificate;

– Retail business license;

– Establish retail store.

Vinasc’s investment consulting service is always the first choice of foreign investors when investing and developing in Vietnam.