Setup company in SunWah Tower

Setup company in Sunwah TowerSetup company in SunWah Tower of Vinasc

Sun Wah Tower provides Grade A office for lease with full modern equipment, airy vision, safety assurance and elegant layout. Located right next to Nguyen Hue pedestrian street, the building is considered to have a prime location, convenient to connect, the center of the center and converge many opportunities to integrate trade between businesses. Along with the presence of reputable corporations such as Citybank, Maybank, Vietnam Airlines, Vina Capital, ACE Life …, SunWah Tower has been and remains the ideal choice for domestic and foreign businesses. ( Setup company in SunWah Tower)

Built in accordance with the standards of Grade A office building, Sun Wah Tower is 22 floors high and has 2 spacious basements below. The building design is extremely unique, luxurious, comfortable and decorated according to feng shui. Inside, the vacant floors for rent can be divided flexibly, possessing an airy view and fully equipped with electrical systems, lights, air conditioning,….

The reason why you should choose Vinasc to Setup company in SunWah Tower?

  • We have a team of experienced and dedicated personnel;
  • Diversified services, from providing office rental services to providing legal services for businesses, accounting services, tax, auditing;
  • Despite lower prices compared with other units but the service that we provide always meet the standards and compliance with legal regulations. Also, the time took prompt service, lightweight procedures, facilitating maximum customer;
  • Vinasc is a consultant and support unit for most businesses in Sun Wah Tower.

What is included in the service of Setup company in SunWah Tower?

In order to establish the company to be carried out smoothly, quickly and in accordance with the law. Vinasc would like to offer a specific plan as follows:

  • Business lines advisory
  • Capital investment advisory
  • Conducting procedures to set up a business
  • Registering the seal and announce the seal of the enterprise with the state agency
  • Opening capital accounts and payment accounts for businesses
  • Setting up documents to declare initial tax
  • Advising and conducting electronic invoice procedures and digital signature

If you need additional labor and insurance assistance, we are here to help you.

List of documents need to prepare?

* For individual investors:

  • Copy of investor’s passport and personal information (notarized copy, consular legalized);
  • Confirmation of the investor’s bank account balance relative to the intended capital for investment in Vietnam;
  • Office lease contract.

* For organization investors (the company has headquarters in abroad contribute capital or invest the capital to establish a company in Vietnam):

  • A copy of Enterprise Registration Certificate or another equivalent document certifying the legal status of the investor (notarized copy, consular legalized);
  • A copy of one of the following documents: The parent company’s audited financial statements for the previous two years; commitment to financial support of the parent company; commitment to financial support of a financial institution; guarantees on investors’ financial capacity; Confirm the investor’s bank account balance corresponding to the expected investment capital in Vietnam;
  • Copy of passport and personal information of the legal representative of the company abroad (Notarized copy, consular legalized);
  • Copy of passport and personal information of the director – legal representative of the company in Vietnam (Notarized copy, consular legalized);
  • Office lease contract.

* For both individuals and organizations, when conducting the conditional business, you must provide a practicing certificate and some documents confirming work experience.

* Besides, establishing a company cannot lack the following information:

  • Business name
  • Type of company (normally, foreign investors will be advised by us to establish limited liability companies with 1 or 2 members or more)
  • Charter capital (for enterprises conducting conditional business lines for which legal capital is required by law;)
  • Business lines
  • Legal representative of the business.

How long does it take to deploy the service?

After advising and collecting documents from you, we will carry out apply for an Investment Registration Certificate and an Enterprise Registration Certificate. It takes about 18-20 days to establish a Foreign Directly Investment.

If doing business in a conditional business line, time to issue a business license will be 30 days.

Setup company in Sunwah TowerWhat are results of Setup company in SunWah Tower?

  • Investment Registration Certificate;
  • Enterprise Registration Certificate ;
  • Business license;
  • Enterprise seal;

Other services of Vinasc

Besides providing advisory services and setting up businesses for foreign investors in Vietnam. Vinasc is also a leading company in the fields of accounting, auditing and taxation. The services that we bring to you include:

Accounting services
Auditing services
Tax advisory services
Legal advisory services:

  • Investment advisory services
  • Legal and compliance advisory services
  • Regular legal advice services

Changing Enterprise Registration Certificate services:

  • Changing of business lines
  • Changing of business address
  • Changing of legal representative
  • Changing of charter capital

Providing various types of licenses services:

  • Work permit
  • Temporary residence card
  • Work health and safety license
  • Fire protection license.

Accounting Software:

  • Software for trade and services
  • Software for manufacturing and outsourcing
  • Software for construction

Digital signature and electronic invoice:

  • Digital signature and electronic invoice – Viettel
  • Digital signature and electronic invoice – VNPT
  • Digital signature and electronic invoice – BKav

Coming to Vinasc, you will receive comprehensive and regular consultation on law, accounting and tax on all activities arising in the process of doing business in Vietnam for investors.

Please contact Vinasc for timely advice and support.