VINASC: Legal consulting and legal support services for businesses

Law consultingVinasc Consulting Co., Ltd is a unit specializing in investment consulting services and development assistance services for businesses.

With a team of employees who have many years of experience and a deep understanding of the law, we have built trust and confidence over the years of operation. ( Law consulting)

Among our services: Auditing services, Accounting and tax consulting services, Office leasing services, Real estate brokerage and consulting services. Among them, investment consulting and legal consulting services have always been our focus on development.

Vinasc’s services ensure continuity and are always with the company during the operation. In particular, most of our clients are foreign-invested companies (FDI) who have always regarded legal services as regular and independent.

Legal consulting services of Vinasc include:( Law consulting)

– Consulting related to investment activities;

– Consulting related to capital ownership;

– Consulting related to business lines;

– Consulting related to labor and labor policies;

– Consulting related to trade, import and export;

– Consulting related to tax, foreign exchange, finance etc.

– Consulting, supporting and reviewing legal documents for businesses.

Law consultingThe aim of our legal consulting service

– Compliance with Laws;

– Legal safety;

– Cost savings;

With our legal consulting service, in addition to each case consulting, we also provide monthly service packages for businesses:

– Service package for updating legal documents on a monthly basis

– Service package for answering problems that arise for businesses

– Service package for review records, contracts, documents for businesses

– Service package for negotiate contracts for businesses

Vinasc Consulting Co., Ltd. hopes to bring the safest and most effective service to our customers. Assist customers to invest and develop in the most favourable business environment.( Law consulting)