Company establishment in Landmark 81

Company establishment in Landmark 81Company establishment in Landmark 81 of Vinasc

Landmark 81 is modernly designed with high-speed elevators, 24-hour CCTV cameras, standard automatic fire protection systems, pre-installed internet and telephone lines, … reception staff and Professional guards support throughout the entire working period. ( Company establishment in Landmark 81)

Room for rent square, beautiful view of the front of the building. Landmark 81 has many office facilities, comfortable working spaces, with an appropriate rental price that will be the optimal choice for customers to book representative offices and headquarter.

In addition, the support services from Vinhome Central Park urban area provide : green park right next to the Saigon River, commercial center, entertainment area, hotels, apartments household …

With a harmonious design inspired by the shape of Vietnamese bamboo, offers a unique experience never seen in other office buildings.

The reason why you should choose Vinasc to establish the company in Landmark 81?

  • We have a team of experienced and dedicated personnel;
  • Diversified services, from providing office rental services to providing legal services for businesses, accounting services, tax, auditing;
  • Despite lower prices compared with other units but the service that we provide always meet the standards and compliance with legal regulations. Also, the time took prompt service, lightweight procedures, facilitating maximum customer;
  • Vinasc is a consultant and support unit for most businesses in Landmark 81.

What services of Vinasc to establish the company in Landmark 81?

Vinasc is ready to provide package services to you to establish a foreign company in Landmark 81 to conduct trading activities as follows:

  • Providing advice on all legal aspects relating to procedures of obtaining Investment Registration Certificate, Enterprise Registration Certificate and other licenses;
  • Preparing Application Dossiers and representing your Company to submit the Application Dossiers for obtaining Investment Registration Certificate, Enterprise Registration Certificate and other licenses;
  • Updating information of the approving process to your company;
  • Receiving new License for establishment of foreign invested company from provincial competent authority and hand it over to your Company
  • Obtaining the Seal and Certificate of Seal Sample Registration from City Police;
  • Opening the bank account under your company.

Company establishment in Landmark 81What documents do you need to prepare?

  • The proposed name(s) of your company
  • Primary business activities
  • Copy of investor’s passport and personal information for individual investors; A copy of Enterprise Registration Certificate for organization investors
  • The latest residential proof of address
  • Percentage of capital contribution for each member involved
  • Confirmation of the investor’s bank account balance relative to the intended capital for investment in Vietnam;
  • Office lease contract.
  • Copy of passport and personal information of the legal representative of the company abroad
  • A copy of one of the following documents: The parent company’s audited financial statements for the previous two years; commitment to financial support of the parent company; commitment to financial support of a financial institution; guarantees on investors’ financial capacity; Confirm the investor’s bank account balance corresponding to the expected investment capital in Vietnam;

Services after Company establishment complete

Besides providing company establishment services to foreign investors, Vinasc also provides a package of tax, accounting, auditing services, …

Accounting services;
Accounting Software;
Auditing services;
Tax advisory services
Legal advisory services;
Digital signature and electronic invoice
Changing Enterprise Registration Certificate services:

  • Changing of business lines
  • Changing of business address
  • Changing of legal representative
  • Changing of charter capital

Providing various types of licenses services:

  • Work permit
  • Temporary residence card
  • Work health and safety license
  • Fire protection license.

Once again, we would like to thank for your kind co-operation. If you have further any inquiry, please feel free to contact us.

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