How to establish a company in Binh Duong Province

How to establish a company in Binh Duong ProvinceWhen investor decide to do business in Vietnam, the first question is how to establish a company?

Vinasc is known as a famous brand of providing consulting services for domestic and foreign businesses. Our solutions are implemented and accompanied to help businesses comply with the law, effectively in business. ( How to establish a company in Binh Duong Province)

In order to conduct business activities, the company needs an investment registration certificate or business registration certificate, some fields need to meet certain conditions before conducting business. 

Vinasc shall guide how to establish a company in Binh Duong Province so that foreign investors shall do business in Vietnam legally and efficiently.

Foreign investors may invest in the form of 100% capital to establish a limited liability company, joint stock company, partnership company or other forms in investment in Vietnam.

  • Foreign investors that invest in Vietnam for the first time must have investment projects
  • Carrying out investment registration procedures at state agencies in charge of investment in order to be granted investment registration certificates.

According to Vietnam Law on investment and Vietnam WTO’s Commitments, it is possible for you to establish wholly foreign-invested company in Vietnam.

However, we would like to note that during the licensing process, the competent authority might examine carefully some following points:

  • Location of company: Investor is required to provide an accurate address of the location where the company is based. Also, the competent authority shall require investors to provide physical lease contract of location and other related documents of the location.
  • Charter capital of company: Vietnam Law does not imply a minimum amount of investment capital to establish a company operating in your company’s field. However, the foreign investor must prove that amount of investment capital is sufficient to establish the company. In order to prove the sufficient financial capacity before establishing company, it is requried the investor to provide bank statement certifying balance in the bank. After the company is established, investor is required to transfer such amount to the company’s account.
  • Some business lines remain restricted to foreigners in Vietnam (for example, real estate and finance). Some of these other fields remain subject to case-by-case review or conditional approvals (eg. trading), caps on foreign ownership (eg. tourism) or require licenses and sub-licenses (eg. F&B).

How to establish a company in Binh Duong ProvinceHow to establish a company in Binh Duong Province with Vinasc?

Vinasc is ready to provide package service to you to establish a foreign company in Binh Duong Province to conduct trading activities as follows:

1. Licensing Procedures 

Vinasc is ready to provide package service to you for the purpose of establishing a 100% foreign-owned company in Vietnam as follows:

  • Providing advices on all legal aspects relating to procedures of obtaining Investment Certificate for the company from competent authority;
  • Preparing application dossiers for obtaining investment certificate for the company;
  • Representing your company to submit the application dossiers for obtaining license investment certificate for the company;
  • Working with provincial competence authority on behalf of your company to obtain the best support on reviewing and considering the application and providing explanation and/or supplementation of application dossiers per request;
  • Updating onformation of the approving process to your company;
  • Receive new license for establishment of foreign invested company from provincial competent authority and hand it over to your company

2. Post – licensing procedures ( How to establish a company in Binh Duong Province)

  • For post – licensing procedures, Vinasc shall assit you to:
  • Obtain the seal and certificate of seal sample registration from city police;
  • Register the tax code number under your company in department of tax;
  • Open the bank account for your company

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