Do you know How to setup foreign company in Vietnam?

How to setup foreign company in Vietnam ?Do you know how to setup foreign company in Vietnam ?

Vietnam is the third-largest market in Southeast Asia, provides countless opportunities to foreign investors. What are the fundamental things you need to know about company registration in Vietnam? (How to setup foreign company)

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To help Clients start business in Vietnam, Vinasc introduces the service to assist in setting up a foreign company in Vietnam.

Foreign investors could make a direct investment in Vietnam through setting up one hundred percent (100%) capital of foreign investors, or establishing a joint ventures between domestic and foreign investors, or investing in the contractual forms of: BCC, BO, BTO, etc…..

Profile, contents to be prepared- how to set up foreign company in Vietnam

  • Personal profile, investment organization (consular legalized)
  • Documents proving financial capacity (consular legalized)
  • Financial statements (for institutional investors)

Results of service at vinasc  ( How to setup foreign company)

  • Investment certificate;
  • Enterprise registration certificate;
  • Business license;
  • Seal sample and seal of the business;

Reasons why you should choose Vinasc to setup company in Vietnam?

  • Investors will be consulted fully and promptly with a team of professional personnel;
  • Investors shall complete investment procedures with the fastest time, in accordance with law provisions;
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  • At Vinasc, investors will be supported and used solutions and services synchronously for the business operation of the business.

How to setup foreign company in Vietnam ?Frequenly asked questions- How to setup foreign company in Vietnam ?

How long does it take to register a company in Vietnam?

  • If your company does not have any special conditions, the registration process will approximately take one month.
  • If your company needs additional licenses, such as for trading or tourism activities, the timeline of the process can stretch to three or four months.

What does the founder need to prepare?

  • To start your company registration in Vietnam, you will first need to prepare founders’ documents, including the proof of finances.
  • Depending on whether the founder is an individual or a company, the list of documents is different.
  • Individual founders require a notarized passport copy and a bank statement with their name on it.
  • Corporate founders, on the other hand, require:

– Business registration certificate  (How to setup foreign company)

– List of directors
– Two years of annual financial statements or a bank statement if you registered the company less than two years ago

Take note that you need to notarize and legalize all documents in the issuing country if issued abroad.

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