Vinasc: Minimum capital requirement in Vietnam .

Minimum capital requirementMinimum capital requirement in Vietnam .

For many years we have consulted foreign investors, always getting questions: ( Minimum capital requirement)

What is the minimum capital requirement in Vietnam upon investing? Does the Government of Vietnam require minimum capital?

In this article, Vinasc will provide investors, especially foreign investors, with a clear understanding of capital-related issues.

1. Basically, Vietnam does not set minimum capital requirement as investors are worried. Except for some conditional business lines and trades, such as: Banking, insurance, security, real estate business or education.

2. So, if the minimum capital is not required, the investors can register capital by their demand, can’t they?

This is true. However, when the capital registration is too low, it will lead to disadvantages for carrying out investment procedures and in the course of business operation.

– If the capital is low, it affects the feasibility of the project when registering for investment. This has led businesses to waste time for interpreting and defending their views. This is one of the reasons for the delay in the investment approval and license.

– If the capital is low, it affects the level of trust, financial ability when businesses call for investment, bank loans, bidding ….

– As a foreign enterprise, by the end of the fiscal year, mandatory auditing procedures are required. If the business losses and has a low capital, the auditor must give an opinion on the possibility of continuous operation. This is a standard regulation and guidance on audit procedures in Vietnam.

According to the regulations, there is no minimum capital requirement in Vietnam. So how much should investors invest accordingly?

This is one of the content that we think that we have supported and advised investors. The solution is based on the business sector, the scale of the project to determine the appropriate capital.

Minimum capital requirementWith a team of experienced personnel in the field of auditing, accounting, tax and finance. We have the tools and solutions as well as market information to advise investors. Specifically:

– Investment capital amount;

– Duration of project implementation;

– Location of project implementation;

– Policies and investment incentives in Vietnam.

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