Setup Enterprise in Phu Quoc Island for foreign investors

Because of the dynamism of the Vietnamese economy, setup Enterprise in Phu Quoc Island has become an appealing option for many mutilnationals.

However, entrepreneurs should be prepared for inconsistent regulations, bureaucratic challenges and licensing delays. Vinasclaw will assist our Clients with incorporating the optimal corporate structure for their company. ( Setup Enterprise)

There are several ways of doing business in Phu Quoc Island, the most common being the setting up of a limited liability company.

In some industries still restricted to investment by foreigners, our Clients may however be required to setup a joint venture company with a Vietnamese shareholder.

Our corporate Clients may also open a representative office in Vietnam, or event a branch if they are already ready to expand to this Southeast Asian market.

Foreigners are encouraged to make an investment in Phu Quoc Island through direct investment by Setting up Enterprise in Phu Quoc Island.

However there are restrictions in some cases in regard to investment capital, investment area, special licenses required. The investor is suggested to consult with a law firm in Vietnam for advice and service offering.

Before setting up Enterprise in Phu Quoc Island, ask yourself the following questions

Which business should I invest in Phu Quoc Island?

What should I name the Enterprise in Phu Quoc Island?

Where should I register the address of the business in Phu Quoc Island?

What is the legal structure of the company?

How much capital is required to set up a company in Phu Quoc Island?

Whom will be a legal representative and work permit in Phu Quoc Island?

How long does it take to set up a company in Phu Quoc Island?

Whom will be granting the investment license in Phu Quoc Island?

What are the tax liability in Phu Quoc Island?

What are mandatory reports submissions requirement in Phu Quoc Island?

When foreign investors invest in Vietnam, they could establish company in Phu Quoc Island.

Foreign investors have the right to choose the appropriate forms of enterprise such as a limited liability company, joint stock company, etc