Meeting room in Phu Quoc

Meeting room in Phu QuocVinascreal specializes in providing meeting room in Phu Quoc

How to conduct a meeting with partners, an effective conference program with customers? ( Meeting room in Phu Quoc)

In addition to preparing the content to meet the needs of the participants, service of support and selection for meeting rooms is also extremely important.

However, not all businesses can arrange and design a meeting room methodically in conformity with each certain event. Therefore, the demand for meeting rooms and conference rooms leasing is growing and there are strict requirements.

To meet that demand, Vinascreal has provided solutions of meeting rooms in Phu Quoc with attractive service packages. The meeting rooms are well designed and located in a convenient transportation location with high standard facilities.

Meeting room service includes the following room types:

– Meeting rooms from 4 to 6 people;

– Meeting rooms from 8 to 12 people;

– Conference hall of 330 m2

Meeting room in Phu QuocWhen using the meeting room for rent of Vinascreal in Phu Quoc, you will have the following facilities:

– Internet wifi

– Projectors

– Support for drinking water, snacks

Providing meeting room for rent service, we understand that this is not simply a venue for meetings and exchanges but also demonstrates:

Culture of communication;

– Favorable and suitable space for cooperation and sharing

– Space for trusting and safety.

Currently, we have total consultancy and support solutions for businesses and investors’ activities such as:

– Investment consulting services;

– Auditing services;

– Accounting and tax consulting services;

– Advertising services;

– Logistics services

– And many other services

Therefore, we may attend meetings or conferences on your request to support the meeting with better results. With our expertise and professionalism, we believe that Vinascreal will be a prestigious address for businesses and investors.

When in need of meeting rooms in Phu Quoc, please contact us for advice and support.

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Cooperative Method

Vinascreal’s meeting room prefers to choose the method that brings the most satisfaction and convenience to customers.

Step 1: Customer choose the service package and cooperation time.

Step 2: Vinascreal will quote a price, draft a contract and proceed with signing contract according to time and plan of the customers.